Berryessa Transit Center


Get familiar with VTA’s Berryessa Transit Center

Whatever your mode of travel – car, bus, bike or foot –  getting to and from VTA’s new transit centers is easy!

Pedestrian access is available by sidewalks and shared use paths that connect to Mabury Road, King Road, and Berryessa Road.

Pedestrians can also use a shared path that connects from King Road to the contemplative garden on the northern end of the Transit Center. Direct access is also provided for residents of the Arbor Park Community.

Sidewalks are also provided along the entire length of Berryessa Station Way, which runs from the Transit Center to connects Mabury Road and Berryessa Road.

More details can be found in the Berryessa Transit Center Features Map.

Berryessa Road and Mabury Road now have on-street bike lanes leading onto a 12-foot-wide cycle track. This track runs parallel to the new station entrance street, Berryessa Station Way, connecting with Mabury and Berryessa Roads and the Upper Penitencia Creek regional trail system.

Upper Penitencia Creek Trail was extended from King Road into the Transit Center. This paved trail is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, a system that connects communities, parks, and open space preserves. 

You can park your bike one of three ways:

  • U-racks – standard outdoor racks free of charge (don’t forget your lock!)
  • Outdoor Bike Lockers – secure, on-demand lockers that are available on a first-come, first serve basis that users open with a prepaid BikeLink card
  • Indoor Bicycle Stations – secure, self-serve indoor facility that users access with a prepaid BikeLink card

The Berryessa Transit Center has space for a total of 219 bicycles:

  • Room for 12 bikes on U-racks
  • Five bike lockers to accommodate up to 10 bikes
  • Room for 181 bikes in the indoor bicycle station.

U-racks and bike lockers are south of the BART station, and the indoor bicycle station is north of the BART station.

A Bay Wheels bikeshare station with 31 bikes is also located at the Berryessa Transit Center.

The Berryessa Transit Center will serve as the end of the line for BART’s Orange and Green lines.

The Transit Center will also serve five VTA routes:

Designated pick-up/drop-off locations for carpoolers are in front of the BART station entrance.

Designated pick-up/drop-off locations are also provided for taxi or rideshare (Uber/Lyft) services.