Milpitas Transit Center

Connectivity is the key

Serving nine bus lines, light rail, and BART’s Orange and Green Lines, allow us to introduce VTA’s new Milpitas Transit Center. 

Pedestrian access is available from Capitol Avenue, Montague Expressway and along the newly constructed South Milpitas Boulevard.

A pedestrian bridge connects the Capitol Avenue VTA Light Rail Station with the Transit Center and a second pedestrian bridge crossing Montague Expressway is being constructed to provide direct access to the Transit Center’s parking garage.

More details can be found in the Milpitas Transit Center Features Map.

Bike lanes are currently available on East Capitol Avenue, with a new cycle track, or separated bikeway, connects you to the station along South Milpitas Boulevard.

There are plans to connect the Transit Center to the Upper Berryessa Creek Trail along South Milpitas Boulevard in the future.

At the Milpitas Transit Center, there is capacity for up to 211 bicycles: 

  • 6 U-racks (for up to 12 bikes)
  • 12 bike lockers (capacity for up to 24 bikes)
  • Room for 185 bikes in the indoor bicycle station.

Bicycle parking is located near the southwest side of the BART station, under the light rail pedestrian overcrossing.

VTA's Orange Line, connecting to North San José, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View, and the following nine VTA bus routes serve the Milpitas Transit Center, as will AC Transit Route 217:

Designated pick-up/drop-off locations for carpoolers are in front of the BART station entrance.

Designated pick-up/drop-off locations are also provided for taxi or rideshare (Uber/Lyft) services.