How to Ride

animated GIF graphic showing steps for how to start riding VTA 1. Plan your trip 2. Buy your fare 3. Get Real-Time


1. Plan Your Trip

Download the Transit app to plan your first trip. VTA's officially endorsed app for trip planning makes it easy to preview your New Service commute and start riding VTA. Our customers love it. You can also find system maps, schedules and route maps on

2. Buy Your Fare

Download our EZfare mobile payment app to get started with day passes or pay-per-ride. 

If you'll be riding frequently, start saving with a Monthly Pass on Clipper. It's only $80 for adults and $30 for youth and seniors.  Order a Clipper card and set up autoload.

3. Get Real-Time

If you didn't already, download the Transit app to get real-time information and service alerts during your first trip. It's VTA's officially endorsed app for real-time information, and gives riders arrival predictions based on bus and train GPS data.

You should also subscribe to email or text updates about the routes you'll use.